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The best remedy is a scarf…

The Jazz have been thinking lately about the wonderous healing properties of scarves….they can fix many a wardrobe ailment. Of course you can wear them in the “traditional way”, y’know round your neck like some kind of fashion dinosaur…..

In our youth, The Jazz used to wear scarves like Jimi’s headband style, we thought we were very rock n roll haha…

Small square scarfs wound round the handle of your handbag look super sophisticated and chic…You can just see Joan’s bag peeking into the shot. Gotta love Mad Men! Really enjoying the contrast of hard grey leather of her bag and the floaty romantic print of her scarf.

In the summer when you’re skipping about in your cut off denims and tank tops, long thin scarves can double as a belt….or even thread one through a vintage belt buckle to match your outfit.

Also, for added pizazz to any outfit, you can wrap a teeny little neckerchief round your scruffy top knot. Or if you’re suffering from a particular nasty spot on your chin, you could wear a scarf like Sleigh Bells. Yep, that’s right, cover yerself up no-one wants to see that…

But our current fav is TURBANS! If your having a bad hair day, growing your hair out, or just wanna have some fun Super Kawaii Mama talks you through the Grace Kelly style, oh and the Queen Mum look….

We have a wonderous collection of scarves available, come check out our selection at our fairs

Small £4, Medium £6, Large £8