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Guest Post by Jessica James: New Discoveries in Thriftland/Scotland

 I have discovered three new things this week…

Thing Number 1: Carboot sales are marvellous. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of junk present at these shindigs, but there are wee gems to be had as well. I went to the car boot sale in the omni centre, where I was mystically drawn to a pair of boots from across the crowded lot. My brain wheels were a-spinning! Were they real leather? Yes. Were they my size? Yes. They make me drool in a very unladylike way, with their lovely soft grey leather and buttons down the side, giving off a Victorian/steam punk flair. Just take a wee cheeky peek yourself!

They are defo the find of the month…if not the year!!      [Editor – OOOooooh they are awesome!!!]

Thing Number 2: A wise woman once said that mending = new clothes (thanks Vero). I’ve done a hefty amount of mending over the past week, which, according to Vero’s rule = new clothes at no cost! Also, while completing stage one cleanout of the closet of doom, I found an old busted straw hat. Said closet of doom has been nagging at my cleaning conscience and its chalk full of junk and gems from past tenants of my flat. To be honest, I’m quite impressed that so much stuff can be crammed into such a small space. Fortunately I’ve now completed Stage One Doom Diminishment, which resulted in 7 bin bags of rubbish, 4 bags to the charity shop, and one straw hat for yours truly. Stage Two is scheduled to take place next week.

Righto, lets get back on track with the straw hat repairs; a diamond in the rough. I stitched it up and put a bird on it (Hello Portlandia fans). No, actually I put a bow on it as I was fresh out of birds. Check it! Fashionable protection from the sun and it also makes me feel as if I’m wearing my Sunday best.

Thing Number 3: Keeping in the vein of goal accomplishment, I have wanted to discover Scotland since I’ve moved here. A majority of my time has been spent in dear Edinburgh with short jaunts over to Glasgow and up to Dundee. Last weekend I had the delight of taking a wee day trip from Dundee to Kenmore.


As you can see, the scenery was beautiful, and I’ve never seen so many sheep in all my days!! This made me a very happy camper. I had the pleasure of going into Scotland’s oldest hotel, not to be confuzzled with this fancy hobbit hole as shown below.

Next, I happened upon Europe’s oldest tree. For your information, that happens to be a Yew tree. Please see the sign below.

There were also some circles of ancient standing stones that are rumoured to be around. But time became scarce, and I was forced to move on. Oh well, I suppose I will just have to go back again, or actually make it all the way up to the Orkney Islands. On the plus side, I did see a waterfall!

What’s your new discovery?