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Sassy Bearcat of the Month

Hello Jazz fans!

It has been a while since we’ve featured one of our style icons, but after a long uninspiring gap, we’ve finally found one worth featuring!

‘Who is this angel of style?’ We hear you ask. ‘What sort of sartorially scintillating person could have captured your attention again after so long an absence?’

We answer thus; a characters so chock full of attitude and brave, on-trend style that just watching her on screen is akin to shopping at ASOS. That is, if ASOS included brass knuckle dusters and death metal iconography in their vast selection of stock… Which, actually, probably is exactly the case!

Meet Vod, from Channel Four’s delightfully cringe-tastic ‘Fresh Meat’. Students and ex-students alike can identify with the setting of the grungy student-shared house, weird, substandard lecturers and awful part time jobs that define a student’s existence. Harder to relate to, for many, however, is the aspirational costume design of the series; particularly obvious in Vod.



Played by the foxy Zawe Ashton, Vod doesn’t mess about when it comes to style. In fact, she doesn’t mess about with anything, really. Self-confident and bold, she’s the epitome of a ‘yes woman’, clutching any style, trend or look that takes her fancy and rocking it effortlessly. True to the brave individuality of British style, she often hardens each sartorial foray with her signature industrial boots, or a similar post-punk edge. She is no clothes horse – the clothes work for her.

So, Vod, what do you feel like making your style bitch today?

Blue lips?



Gentrified androgyny?



1920s spit curls?Image


A 90s nod to dummies as accessories?



Sexin’ it up in a chambermaid uniform? Er, yes…



Let’s face it, this girl could jump naked into a skip and emerge draped in a black bin bag belted with a frayed curtain tie, draping a dead fox round her neck – and she’d be looking fan-bloody-tastic. The confidence with which she pulls off remnants of by-gone eras, or simply just remnants of clothes is awe-inspiring.



And it seems that Vod isn’t just the creation of the costume designer; Zawe herself projecting influences into her character’s style; 

“This job is such a touch! It is so collaborative but you can also trust every single department to just be on it. If I send June (Niven), our costume designer, a picture of Prince and say this is our touchstone for this series – the next thing you know I’m wearing a ruffle shirt, a bolero jacket and my hair’s sticking up and it’s Prince. She runs with it, she is so inventive.”

Having the face behind Vod inject her own opinion on the character just makes her feel all the more authentic…


Wanna echo Vod’s look? Slap on some plum lipstick, artfully rip a few holes into whatever your wearing and strut out into the street like you were born to wear it. Make no excuses and atone for no sins; Vod would never be so embarrassing…

Big up to bin bag chic! Next time, we’ll take a peek at another Fresh Meat bearcat; Oregon.