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Evening Looks – Coming Soon To An ASOS Marketplace near you…

Structured Striking Maxi



Billowing Black Elegence


Phwoar. Don’t you agree?


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ASOS Marketplace & The Pantheon Project

Oh dear, I think we might have been so busy planning and preparing that it might have slipped our mind to tell everyone about the upcoming launch of our …

NEW ASOS Marketplace shop!

Sorry guys, this is clearly something all  jazz fans should be aware of; The Jazz Emporium is finally setting up permanent residence with a little online shoppe of their own on ASOS Marketplace to bring our ethereal wares directly to your front room (office, toilet – where ever you kids surf the internet these days…).

And if the launch of our new shop isn’t enough to set off some tingling in your spine, maybe some more information about our wares  themselves will do the trick…

We’ve recently clubbed together with the theatre group The Pantheon Club; you may remember them from their mass costume sale we talked about on the blog a month or so back. Not content with just sharing their costumes, however, the club opened their doors to The Jazz, and allowed us to scurry back and forth between their three huge storage rooms stuffed with clothes & accessories, letting us source the best vintage collection from their rails we’ve seen in years! Not to make y’all jealous or anything, but the contents of those rooms could have driven any sane fashion junkie to fall to their knees and gibber with delight as they trailed their fingers through the 70s maxi dresses, 50s evening dresses and suits and rolled joyously in a pile of vintage fur coats they might make a nest of on the floor… Did The Jazz Emporium do that? Ahem, well…

Anyway, we aim to bring this fine collection of vintage pieces directly to our customers, and therefore when we launch our shop, it will be filled with entirely newly sourced pieces from the Pantheon rooms. Oodles of fresh, unseen vintage for you jazz fans to sink your sartorial teeth into, and to make what you will with!

We’re hoping you’ll make an outfit that oozes your own attitude and enter the results into photographic form into our style competition (the best way to win yourself further vintage treats for free!)…

If you’ve been following our facebook page or profile, you’ll have seen our Pantheon Project backstage photos, and will have some heady hints already as to what kind of gorgeous clothes will be featured on the ASOS shop. If not, why not? Get the hell over there and check it out!

So in short, here’s our suggested list of things to do for Jazz Fans:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled for our new ASOS shop launch!
  2. Take a sneaky peek to salivate over what treats will be on sale soon.
  3. Come back to the blog on Monday to see our own Street Style spotting we’ve been conducting over the past few days… What does the Jazz think of your style??
  4. Check out The Pantheon Club , who are currently performing their version of the classic, Beauty and the Beast in The Kings Theatre in Glasgow, from the 15th – 19th of Novemeber. Our very own Jazzine is even helping out behind the scenes! We would say look out to see if you can spot her, but in this instance, she will be as unseen as a black cat in the night. And as supple and agile too (hmm, maybe not…).
That’s all for now, Jazz Fans, we can’t wait to share the launch date of the shop with you!!