The Jazz Emporium

Let's get our Vintage on!

Story Time

Myth 1. How The Jazz Emporium started….

Veronique and Janine pottered amicably through their lives and after the passing of time and the disintegration of wills, they eventually reached the end of their formal education in the fine city of Glasgow. Left without direction, together they said their farewells, tipped their hats to their companions and forged a new path, clutching snazzy threads and jazzy itty bitties as they went.

Along this long thorny path they tentatively toddled… wrestling with woolly bushes, splashing in muddy waters, dashing past looming shadows. Many months passed, and the girls were badly battered and bruised. They clung to each-other for support as they stumbled along the rocky terrain, and felt utterly wretched. As the life energy within them began to sap away, aching and bemoaning their calloused fingers, toes and even noses (it was a hard rain a’falling) they knew that there was little hope for them, even with the asset of their excellent personal style.

Suddenly, from up ahead, from far in the hazy distance, a whiff of sound floated past their ears. A glorious sound, at once smooth and spontaneous. Intrigued, they stumbled on; the sound grew louder and louder until it filled their ears and their wasted frames with its force. Their strength returned to their limbs, and as their dull eyes cleared, they focused them upon a solitary building, mere metres away; the source of the excellent sound…

Timidly they approached the intimidating abode, which sneered and gurned in their general direction – for fearful as they were, they couldn’t retreat. And as they stepped up to the streaky door, it swung fully open and they were stunned with delight! A fine emporium met their hungry eyes; full of rich apparel, jewels, scarves and furs and countless other treasures!

As they squinted around the single room, dazzled by its contents, they could see no apparent owner of the grotto… It was empty. Overjoyed with their luck, and nourished by the music, they squealed happily and threw down their wares. This land was now their land.

That, my dear friends, is how The Jazz Emporium was created…


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