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Blind No More!

Kind readers you may remember that one of The Jazz’s favourite traders at Granny Would Be Proud Vintage & Craft Fair is the Eyedresser! Oh, how we have longed and longed for some stylish eyewear from their stall. If you’ve gotta wear something on your face to stop you running for the wrong bus everyday then it better be something that you’ll love. So, we saved our pennies and finally The Jazz is the proud owner of these little 80’s take on the 50’s beauties….

Oh and the service at Eyedresser was delightful! The Jazz was allowed to hum and haw for a full hour over the hundreds of glasses they had, all without the slighest sigh or furrowed brow from the staff. Keep tabs on the Granny Would Be Proud facebook page for when the awesome Eyedresser will be there.

Contact them on


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Ain’t No Wallflowers Here…..

Yeah, that’s right! The Jazz ain’t no wallflower and we hope neither are you! So be on New Product Alert and check out pics of this amazing 70’s psychedelic dress. Isn’t it the best pattern you’ve seen in a long time.

Ain’t No Wallflower Dress      Size 10      £35

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Spring Cleaning….

When we’ve not been dozing in our oh-so-comfy bed, we’ve been spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the shiny new 2011 worthy things, that’s The Jazz’s motto this week. Time to tidy up, sweep away all the cobwebs and give things a metaphorical lick of paint.

You can now find all our awesome lookbooks & product photos in one special place, so click here for your viewing pleasure. If there is anything you love, just get in touch we might still have it in stock. And don’t forget about our E-shop, we’ve given that a wee sprucing up too. All the better for when we get some new products up, any day now.

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We’re all Magpies…

The Jazz love accessories don’t you know, especially vintage ones. You’ve heard it all before no doubt, but it is true, you can liven up any outfit with a well placed accessory or three.

Today, we realised that we rarely remember to photograph all our lovely shiny things – so here there are. Enjoy.

Our personal favourite the gold belt buckle above (not actual gold, mind you in case anyone was thinking of buying it and hoofing it to Cash4Gold). The perfect accessory as you can thread different coloured ribbons or pretty coloured scarves through it to match any outfit, ooooh think of the possibilities.

Aussi, these two square 1970’s pedants are pretty damn rad!

Mmmmmm. Oh sorry, did you say something? We got distracted by the moonlight bouncing of all the pretty twinkling things….


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Lovely Legs

Who doesn’t love a good pair of tights….Not only do they add extra warmth in these chilly times, they also add a touch of pizazz to any outfit. The Jazz have several awesome pairs of Mary Quant tights in stock, all £10.

p.s. Sorry for the blurry images another camera failure, but the poses are too good miss.

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Man Stroke Woman

Not only has vintage fur been on the giant ever-whirring brain of The Jazz, we’ve also been contemplating that with the call of winter, comes also the call to toughen up our look. To man up, in fact.

By pairing your guy’s baggy vintage shirt with your on-trend peg trousers, you’ll have the makings of a dapper outfit. Flirt with the bowties; open and draped round your neck or even tied up in your hair. Team with braces, dark leather accessories and chunky footwear like workers boots or brogues to complete the look! It especially works when you pair romantic feminine patterns with the stronger masculine shapes.

C’mon let’s embrace our androgynous side!

Romantic 80’s Shirt – Sold

Liberty Print Peacock Bowtie – £18

Leather belt – Model’s own

Maroon Braces – £7

Lovely Lilac Pirate Trousers – £10

p.s. Don’t drink and smoke kids, full stop. It looks cool but it ain’t good for ya.