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A Personal Note From Jazzine: Croatia; A fashion hot spot or not?

As some of you know (and as some of you rightly won’t really care, for isn’t anything more boring than hearing someone bang on about how LOVELY their holiday was,  and how WARM it was and how RELAXED they felt, to then go on and patronisingly tell you nose-snortingly ‘hilarious’ stories about their native waiter ‘friends’ and their endearing mispronounciations of ‘wine’ and ‘soup’ so on – uh, where was I? Oh yes…) I’ve recently come back from a holiday in Croatia. And let me tell you, Jazz fans, it was so LOVELY! And god, so WARM – enough.

I was hoping on my return to be able to share with you a little outsider insight into Croation fashion, but unfortunately, the parts of Croatia I visited (tourist ridden islands) seemed to represent the idea of ‘fashion’ purely through floral romper suits and strapless, elasticated summer dresses alone; if indeed there were any clothes on the bodies passing by. Mostly I was treated to viewing the fashion of middle aged ladies & men, who bared every inch of their leathered skin to the sun on the rocky croatian shores, and at times, directing full frontal views of said, eh, skin, in quite an obscene fashion towards the nearby tourist path.

Don’t get me wrong; I ain’t no prude, and I’m all about  abandoning  stuffy British ideals for the freedom & physical liberation of bit of nakedness in the sun, but trust me, some arrangements of naked sunbathing bodies are  fit only for display to the public on a fee-paying website. And by ‘the public’ I mean teenage boys with their mum’s credit cards. And by display I mean – well, I won’t patronise you. None of you are foreign waitors, and I only spell out things for them;’ TWO COFF-EE – look, look at my fingers, NOT ONE, TWO COFF-FEE AND CHIPS – LA FRENCHIE FRIES. OK??’

Anyway, needless to say, between the identical tourist ‘fashion’ shops and the bronzed handbag bodies, my Croatian street style spotting dreams were dashed. As were my holiday shopping hopes. Until we drifted away from the sun-soaked islands and had little city break in Pula, the Istrian captial of culture.

Now, it was no London or Edinburgh, but there was something charming and captivating about Pula; arriving on the evening of their yearly music festival buoyed my impression of the city up, and it was further cemented by finding a gem of a shop sandwiched between the obligatory tourist ‘fashion’ shops, (cue those damn strapless floral rompers again) and endless streets of jewelers that specialised in coral bracelets. It was the very cool, very small Makina Gallery; which as well as selling the work of some unique jewelry makers, was displaying the work of a photographer who took many famous photies of celebrities ranging from Keira Knightly to Dustin Hoffman. Try as I may, I can neither find nor remember the name of the photographer (PLEASE tell me if you know, as it’s been driving me bonkers!), but you can see snaps of the exhibition here, if you’re interested.

The jewelry was particularly noteworthy; there were some stunning lasercut collars, studded rings and beautiful little character set necklaces & brooches, so I snapped some photies to prove to you all that Istria does have SOME noteworthy fashion designers!

After careful consideration I decided to give one of those robot necklaces, crafted from discarded chips and computer parts, a home. I nearly had a meltdown of (unwarranted, really) excitement when my boyfriend pointed out the motorola chip that makes up the little guy’s head could have come from Glasgow, given that there was a motorola factory in East Kilbride at one point in the history of the world. However, he quickly quelled it by explaining there were motorola factories worldwide too, and to stop squealing, because a motorola chip isn’t in possession of a personality and it’s very unlikely it has the capacity to house a desire to return to it’s place of birth.

Shh, said I. Shhh, little Robot, it’s time to go home…

I hate admit it but all I can say here is 'warlgleSOCUTE!'

I also found this bad ass hand made ring on the touristy island (ok, so it wasn't ALL bad there, but bear in mind I did find this in a craft shop in amongst 'hand decorated' shirts (t-shirts with blobs of fabric paint dotted on them) and cat ornaments made of sea shells, so I think I found a diamond in the rough here...)What, you mean you haven't heard? Chipped nail polish is massively in this season...

What, you mean you haven't heard? Chipped nail polish is totally in this season.

So, to recap; Croatian tourist fashion, not so good. Croatian summer wear, floral and gross. Croatian jewelry, a big thumbs up.

For visualising purposes...


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Calling All Bag Hags!

Forget fag hags, we know what you jazz fans really are; a great big gaggle of bag hags!

Watch this space for some bee-yoo-tiful bags coming your way on our ebay shop this week!

Included in the selection will pieces from the collectable brands Waldy Bag & Air Step – both vintage 60s and both cute as pie. There will also be several Kelly style elbow dangling delights to choose from; perfect if you fancy injecting a little period feel into an outfit! Madmen all the way…

Are you a bag hag or do you suffer from a severe case of bag one-itus? Let us know in the comment box below!

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Blind No More!

Kind readers you may remember that one of The Jazz’s favourite traders at Granny Would Be Proud Vintage & Craft Fair is the Eyedresser! Oh, how we have longed and longed for some stylish eyewear from their stall. If you’ve gotta wear something on your face to stop you running for the wrong bus everyday then it better be something that you’ll love. So, we saved our pennies and finally The Jazz is the proud owner of these little 80’s take on the 50’s beauties….

Oh and the service at Eyedresser was delightful! The Jazz was allowed to hum and haw for a full hour over the hundreds of glasses they had, all without the slighest sigh or furrowed brow from the staff. Keep tabs on the Granny Would Be Proud facebook page for when the awesome Eyedresser will be there.

Contact them on

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Spring Cleaning….

When we’ve not been dozing in our oh-so-comfy bed, we’ve been spring cleaning. Out with the old and in with the shiny new 2011 worthy things, that’s The Jazz’s motto this week. Time to tidy up, sweep away all the cobwebs and give things a metaphorical lick of paint.

You can now find all our awesome lookbooks & product photos in one special place, so click here for your viewing pleasure. If there is anything you love, just get in touch we might still have it in stock. And don’t forget about our E-shop, we’ve given that a wee sprucing up too. All the better for when we get some new products up, any day now.

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We’re all Magpies…

The Jazz love accessories don’t you know, especially vintage ones. You’ve heard it all before no doubt, but it is true, you can liven up any outfit with a well placed accessory or three.

Today, we realised that we rarely remember to photograph all our lovely shiny things – so here there are. Enjoy.

Our personal favourite the gold belt buckle above (not actual gold, mind you in case anyone was thinking of buying it and hoofing it to Cash4Gold). The perfect accessory as you can thread different coloured ribbons or pretty coloured scarves through it to match any outfit, ooooh think of the possibilities.

Aussi, these two square 1970’s pedants are pretty damn rad!

Mmmmmm. Oh sorry, did you say something? We got distracted by the moonlight bouncing of all the pretty twinkling things….


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Lovely Legs

Who doesn’t love a good pair of tights….Not only do they add extra warmth in these chilly times, they also add a touch of pizazz to any outfit. The Jazz have several awesome pairs of Mary Quant tights in stock, all £10.

p.s. Sorry for the blurry images another camera failure, but the poses are too good miss.