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Song for Sunday: Electro Hangover Cure

This is a timed post, because I sense that the Jazz will be nursing a hangover after a night out in g-town! Does anyone else listen electro to prevent them from feeling groggy?

Not only is this new song from Hot Chip from amazing, but it’s endearing that essentially they’re just middle-aged men in dapper suits rocking out!


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Song for Sunday: Freaks and Geeks

Hah! Here at The Jazz we like to pretend we’re all hip and trendy but sometimes we’re so focused on clothes we’re a little late with other trends on the interwebs. Just check out our latest All Sixes post for our list of the top Sh*t Says videos, which is a rather old meme we do admit. So this Song for Sunday is just another thing we’re totally late to the party to. Childish Gambino has been causing a major disturbance in the rap game for a few years now. With his killer rhymes, indie-look and references, humour and cocky attitude it’s well deserved.

p.s Does this video remind anyone else of Brett’s angry dance in Flight of the Conchords?

pps. By the way a totally late warning but there’s swear words in this video. Extreme caution is necessary. But whaddya expect its rap music (shrug).

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Song For Sunday 05/02/12

Yeah, so her performance on Satuday Night Live was a bit shoddy, and the repetitive shots of topless hugging and car snogging with that tattooed lad is a shameless badass teenage fantasy AND yes, her lips are plumped up with plastic (c’mon, it’s obvious, why all the denials?) BUT… Her voice is captivating and her music has an interesting, original style. She doesn’t deserve all the bad press – so what if her Daddy’s a millionaire? Funny how some people get a whiff of the money that fuels an artist, and assume whatever is fueled by it, by association, shit. Do you think Lady Gaga sprung into being with no financial backing?? So, in defence of her charms,  this week we bow down to the fresh beats of Lana Del Ray.

Seriously though, how awkward does that topless hugging look? Formulated for boob coverage, but so obviously so, it makes me cringe…