The Jazz Emporium

Let's get our Vintage on!


Two girls with two machines share one dream;
to resuscitate the antiquated and nod nostalgically at the contemporary.
We play with time…

Fresh-faced and bold, Janine Bothwell & Veronique AA Lapeyre, a fierce new duo of Glasgow graduates have hit the Scottish vintage & indie-craft scene – under the guise of The Jazz Emporium.

Covering both the major Scottish cities, Glasgow & Edinburgh, The Jazz present for the discerning customer a carefully curated collection of vintage & re-worked clothes and accessories. Since May ’10, the girls have thrown themselves with hearty gusto into the Scottish craft scene, appearing at various fairs around Scotland.

The Jazz realise not every sassy bearcat or dapper gent happens to live in their locality – so they’ve set up a new online shop too – and they ship worldwide! Janine & Veronique are eager to provide a little retro finesse to whomever and where ever it is desired. They even provide a styling service to bands and performers on request. With the nation becoming ever more eco-conscious and unique in their sense of style, The Jazz Emporium strongly believe vintage & customizing is the future of fashion.

‘Recycling is the way forward, we all know that now, but the last frontier to conquer is our wardrobes. Vintage is both stylish and green.’ Says Veronique. ‘Yeah, f**k cheap throwaway fashion.’ adds Janine, continuing ‘People seem to forget that in this fashion conscious culture that you can still hold on to your individuality – you don’t have to fit into formulaic trends to look cool. Let’s mix it up!’

The future looks positively brimming with vintage delights at The Jazz Emporium.


Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested any of our pieces or just want some banter…..


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