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Guest Post by Jessica James: Saving the Pennies One Face-Mask at a Time

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I don’t know if you realize, but we are very nearly half way through 2012! This epiphany brought to mind the New Years resolutions I made over five months ago. Typically, one goal was to save money. Admittedly, I’ve been spending unacceptable funds on frivolous items i.e. wool and toothpaste. Last week I was considering getting some posh hair repair product, but this would clash with my desire to save money. Light bulb! Why not take a look into a more DIY-like approach? As I’ve discovered from personal research, coconut oil is very beneficial to the hair and skin. This is a relatively cheap beauty supply option, and can be used as a hair mask, conditioner, or a styling product.

The plan: apply to hair as a hair mask and leave in overnight. I scooped what I thought was a wee bit into a glass container to be heated in the microwave. If you are not familiar with coconut oil, when it is cool, it is white and waxy, kind of like a candle. As it is heated, the oil liquefies and turns clear. The few chunks turned out to be a truckload of coconut oil. My hair has been pretty dry since my transformation to a redhead, and I thought a bit of extra moisture would do no harm. It took a good few minutes to apply, starting with massaging it into my scalp while my flatmate and I were having our evening chats. Eventually my entire head was encased in an oily layer, and off to bed I went. In the morning I washed it out and the transformation was amazing. I didn’t even put any product in my hair, and my curls were well defined with no frizz. Coconut oil is defo a welcome addition to my beauty regime.


But, by the end of the day, my locks were a bit more greasy than usual, which is due to the truckload of oil I applied the night before. For the next application, I will not apply so bloody much! Live and learn.

My skin has been feeling a bit dull, and I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a new facemask. While perusing Lush’s loverly products, I felt inspired to make my own. Oats, brown sugar, lemon juice, green tea and honey all make for a drippy homemade facemask. I still had a few workable hours left to my evening, and what better way than to spend it concocting a witches brew to apply to my face. AND it costs pence!!


After applying a thin layer to my freshly washed face, I left it on for about 10 minutes before the rinse off. As this mask is so drippy and messy, I think it best used in a bath or with a bib. This mixture is highly susceptible to gravity and much of it ended up on the front of my hoodie, making me look like a ridiculously messy eater.


One thought on “Guest Post by Jessica James: Saving the Pennies One Face-Mask at a Time

  1. niiice!

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