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All Sixes 17/05/12: Ladies Special

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From Busty Girl Comics

Straight to the punch. Today’s All Sixes is dedicated to all the ladies. Just ’cause…

1. Busty Girl Comics. It’s not rude honest. This hilarious and quirky tumblr comic  series is centred round the problems of busty girls whatever their size.

2. Etiquette for the modern lady.

3. Our new fashion crush Hot Chocolate & Mint. Clashing patterns and a sense of humour – Diana has got style! Plus her shoe company makes tasty things for your feet.

4. Embrace all the womanly wisdom in the world with Letters for our Daughters.

5. Some of our favourite beauty advice comes from Sali Hughes over at The Guardian. Her columns are knowledgeable, comprehensive and down-to-earth.

6. Get off my Internets. No doubt you’ve heard of GOMI, with well known bloggers suing them left right and centre. This site with its strong honesty policy and nack for spilling the beans is sometimes a nice break from the glossy, often surreal world of fashion blogs where everything is hunky dory. If you’re a nosy wee besom* and a cat-loving lady then this site is for you.
*Besom is a Scottish word meaning a woman/girl whose attitude and behaviour we find unacceptable, who is annoying  or who you hate. The Jazz usually use it on lighter terms to mean humorously or fondly to a mischievous female.

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