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Guest Post by Jessica James: Scarecrows & Rainy Days

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One week later, I am still suffering regret over not attending Elie’s first ever scarecrow festival. The very idea of it makes me chuckle…and then burst into ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ Said festival took place over this past bank holiday weekend, and rumour has it, there was even a Spongebob related entry. Doesn’t it just sound like something out of a sitcom?? But alas, the weather kept me indoors, so I have no firsthand coverage to share, sad times.

Last weekend, there did happen to be a small window of opportunity to enjoy some beach time. I was shuttled off to Lunan Bay (voted the best beach in Scotland in 2000, oooolala) before the sun decided to disappear again.


After a bit of frolicking in the sand with a crazy pup named Ozzy, I had plans to sample one of Arbroath’s delicacies: an Arbroath Smokie. Upon entering the fish shop, I was under the impression that an Arbroath Smokie would be a portion of fish put into a wee container and ready for consumption directly. No. It is an actual fish. I was quite bewildered when the fishy mistress told me she would be happy to take the backbone out for me. Receiving this information, I was bewildered and admittedly, a bit scared. With all these tumultuous emotions running round, I deemed it best to exit the building without a backboneless fish. This situation proved only to further expand this gaping cultural hole, and I am now suffering from non-buyers remorse. I take it back I take it back! I want some Smokie action!

Gee wiz, all the things I’m missing out on!!! I shall just sit here in the knit shop with my diminishing container of carrots and hummus, and pout.

I would feel much better if I were drinking a flat white coffee in the sunshine. Fat chance of that! Rain, rain, GO AWAY. Okay, enough griping and moaning for one week, I do believe I’ve well surpassed the quota.

Onto a more positive subject, this past week I assisted with Imaginate; Edinburgh’s children’s theatre festival. I worked as a festival assistant last year, and eagerly volunteered to help out again. This has been the best volunteer experience I have ever had. The paid staff make their volunteers feel super-duper appreciated.  As a now and again philanthropist, I value my personal time. This being said, I am happy when my donated time and efforts are suitably recognized. Another thing that makes being involved with Imaginate so spectacular is the reaction of the wee audience members. Every single child that I witnessed attending a festival show has come out utterly delighted. Och, but I forget that there is always an exception to the rule. One little girl became quite frightened of a diminutive puppet lurking about the stage. And yet another reason why Imaginate is awesome: while loitering about the lobby during show time, I was able to complete this wee gem: a hot pink lacy vintage inspired number fashioned out of luxurious Harris Tweed wool. Yum.


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