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Guest Post by Jessica James: Oh yeah, Redheads!


I have been in love with redheads since Disney’s 1989 release of “The Little Mermaid.” Is it so wrong that I want to have luscious red hair, beautiful voice and a tail? Since I was a child, I have wanted to be a ginger so so so bad, but never thought it would suit. Oh how wrong I was, just you wait and see.

In no particular order, the following is a list of amazing and admirable characters. Incidentally, these folks all possess a fiery mane.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Joan (Mad Men)

Pippi Longstocking


Anne of Green Gables

Peter Pan

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)



Strawberry Shortcake

Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit)

Jessica (True Blood)

Since I was not naturally born one of these fiery individuals, I thought that dating ginger men would possibly satisfy this thirst. No, this did not prove to be a problem solver. In fact, it encourages the green monster of hair resentment and jealousy.

My mother has trained/brainwashed me into thinking that I am always and forever a blonde. So for 27 (almost 28) years, I have not deviated from this set course. Och, I take that back, I did have a two wee teeny pink highlights last year. Needless to say, Mummy dearest did not approve of these. Unfortunately, I have not been at all adventurous or original with my hair. My clothing is a different matter, as my personal style has grown and developed significantly over the last few years. I think it was high time for the ol’ hairdo to follow suit. Plus, redheads are very ‘pinup’ and look amazing in so many hues, including purple!

As it so happens, a couple of weeks ago, a good friend asked me out of the blue if I had ever considered going red. The answer is YES, everyday of my miserable blonde haired existence. But I just did not think red would ever suit my complexion and me. Apparently, I just needed a third party to validate this ginger desire of mine. With a wee bit of encouragement, I bought a box of hair color. This was going to be a gigantic step for me. But you only live once, right? The desired effect was not exactly achieved on this first round, but I considered myself well on the road. The color appeared browner/mahogany, as opposed to the amber that was illustrated on the cheap cardboard box. I was pleased, but treated it as a ‘transition’ style.

After a week, my hair was ready for a trip to the professional beauty supply shop for some hardcore chemicals. There, I put my complete trust in my good pal who has no training whatsoever in hair and beauty. The pair of us wandered cluelessly around the shop, and I believe the sales girl may have been doubtful of the likelihood of our success. An hour later, under the confident and nimble fingers of Piotr, I turned into a proper ginger. Success!! It is such a dramatic and welcome change, and I am constantly catching myself in the mirror and think….yes, that’s me. It’s a necessary reaffirmation of my identity. On the plus side, I’m having more fun as a redhead than I ever did as a blonde. So there!

[Editor – loving the new look Jess :)]

Have you guys gone through a style transformation lately?


3 thoughts on “Guest Post by Jessica James: Oh yeah, Redheads!

  1. well-you’ve got the temperament(and that is a good thing)-now you’ve got the hair! bravo!

  2. Haha! Thanks a million. :)

  3. awwwwww yeah. Go girl. Us redheads are fiery and not afraid of the world!!!!

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