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All Sixes – Sh*t People Say Special! 26/04/12

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Okay, so we are a little behind on the trend, but the bonus of finishing last is that we can view all the competitors and judge for ourselves who the best were – not based on finishing time, but pure beauty of content. Enjoy, jazz fans. And be careful – we’ve tried to keep it clean, but there’s lots of rude words floating around the interweb here – it is youtube after all…


1. The original that was the nothing the trend bang came from… Sh*t Girls Say

2. Taking it crazy when girls get boys and start chatting in the form of Sh*t Girlfriends Say

3. Taking it closer to home with Sh*t Fashion Girls Say  – with a treat guest appearance from Kelly! (OMG SHOEZ!)

4. Feeling the naivity of ethnicity in Shit White Girls Say To Black Girls

4. Getting a bit surreal with Sh*t Gay Guys Say To Their Cats

5. My ultimate favourite purely from how ridiculous it is in Sh*t Asian Dads Say

6.Finish this off with some Sh*t No-one Says… Mmm, fart.


One thought on “All Sixes – Sh*t People Say Special! 26/04/12

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