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Sassy Bearcat of the Week: Style Like U edition

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Style Like U, oh how I love thee!

If I recollect correctly Style Like U was the catalyst for the conversation, between Jazzine & I, that eventually led to this here emporium opening many moons ago. For those that have never stumbled upon it, for shame. Style Like U offers regular mini films about the stylish people on the planet (well mostly centered around New York). Not only do you get to glimpse into these people’s wardrobes, you get to hear enchanting stories about their lives and why they dress the way they do.

I like that alongside designers, industry names, models and musicians you will find ordinary folk who just happen to have a penchant for being dapper. So I thought for this edition of Sassy Bearcat of the Week I would share a few of my favourite Style Like U videos. A word of warning, disappearing down the rabbit hole of Style Like U will result in a) coveting designer goods b) an itching to go thrifting c)  a jonesing to customize all your clothes and d) a desire to move across the pond.

Open your (style) mind and get inspired….


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