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All Sixes – 2.0 Special 19/04/12

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Damn, my secret is out!


The internet is such a vast and successful community that this week we celebrate the beauty of user-generated content – the type of sites that can only exist from a large collective of people, working together to make trivial, frivolous, beautiful, accomplished or funny things. Let’s start with an infamous one (no, it’s not Youtube – we’re not that obvious)…


1. It’s got to be an EPIC FAIL!

2. A glorious tribute to the anonymity of the internet in PostSecret

3. What is funnier than watching the older generation struggle with what comes naturally to us? Most apparant when parents text

4. A very good way to figure out the real worth of that new restaurant down the street, or find a trustworthy cobbler (why are they so difficult to find, by the way? If anyone knows of one in Glasgow comment below – we must have him/her!!) in your area. I trust a review by my friend’s friend more than an advert in a paper anyday, and if you do too, check out Yelp!

5. Illustration fans, rejoice! illyPads collects beautiful submissions and creates a gallery for your viewing pleasure.

6. There is nothing more thrilling than discovering a lost or abandoned note, picture, doodle or even a shopping list. ‘This stranger ran out of spaghetti… my god!’ was my thought on my last discovery on the street… For more interesting scribbles check what others have Found (Magazine)!



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