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On A Slightly Unrelated Note… From Yesterday, For Tomorrow

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Greetings, Jazz Fans!

We know that lovers of vintage fashion are naturally open-minded and creative, and we wanted to take this opportunity – a detour from our usual chirpy content on our blog – to showwhat a good friend of ours, Ben, has been working on the past month…

He and another intrepid explorer (Jared) have been travelling the depths of Eastern Europe, learning from the history and personal civilian stories from the holocaust, and are bravely immersing themselves in this world of incomprehensible (to our modern eyes) injustice. From what they learn about past prejudices in an extreme enviroment, they hope to use to combat prejudices today – and to show that even in places seemingly devoid of humanity, kindness and dedication can still prevail. The story of their journey, and the stories they discover will be created into a documentary film and learning programmes – they have a dream that the world can be improved if we all recognize how our actions as individuals affect others as a whole.

Prejudice is a horrible thing, friends (let’s tell you something we don’t know, eh?) We at The Jazz feel strongly about asserting yourself, who you are, and using your creativity with fashion to express how your insides – on the outside!  Our manifesto was created with the advocation of personal confidence in mind, and we understand that prejudice is a huge enemy to the individual attempting to achieve contentment with themselves. As a duo of women, we face prejudice on a regular basis – both serious and flippant, but equally frustrating. It is tough to live in a world that dictates so many values and various innumerable pressures (whether it be through the pressure of attaining a body ideal, or finding time to manage children, a full time job and three dogs, cats, hamsters etc with utter ease – or simply the pressure of finding a job), and obviously women are just one minority of many subjected to a small-minded majority view. Looking through your own eyes at yourself with pride is very hard when the societal perception of  some aspect of yourself is negative. Therefore, we want to voice support of our friends’ brave work to have the confidence to take these prejudices head on, and face up to some horrific and embittering truths of the past in an attempt to better the world for others – I mean, who doesn’t want other people to feel happy and at ease with who they are?? Only Mean Girls. And we all know what happens to Mean Girls – they get hit by buses.

You can discover and keep up to date with Ben & Jared’s progress at their blog – their journey is officially ending on Friday, so show them your support, Jazz fans!


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