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Guest Post by Jessica James: Hexapuff Obsessed!

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Even after last week’s DIY dress alterations session, my alterations/fixing pile continues to grow. Being a crafty lass, I find it next to impossible to throw ANYTHING away. In my mind, a clothing item can always be transformed or used in some way (i.e. buttons, collars, etc). Yes, I’m a bit of a hoarder in this way.

A wee while ago, I made a solemn vow to not use acrylic yarn again….never-ever. Unfortunately, it looks like I’m ready to break this personal promise, dagnabbit! A lovely lady donated some wool for my personal usage, which I enthusiastically accepted. To my dismay, it turns out that I accepted a bulging bag of acrylic (plastic yarn). Because of my slight hoarding tendencies, I feel obliged to use it. But for what?? It does not feel pleasant on the skin, provide warmth, or hold its intended successfully. OMG, it is perfect for Hexapuffs!

Hexapuffs are a knitting phenomenon that has swept through the interwebs and taken over a good section of my life. I’ve become completely obsessed with Hexapuffs. These are little hexagon-ish shapes are knitted up and individually stuffed like a wee pillow. The concept is to make enough of them to create a covering of some sort. I originally thought I would just make a wee blanket for the foot of my bed, but it’s beginning to get out of hand. I’ve become hexa-obsessed, and may just end up with a full sized duvet, thanks to the extra bits of wool that seem to keep coming my way. The finished product will look a bit like a puffy honeycomb, which is why it’s called the Beekeeper Quilt. Yay. But as one member of THE JAZZ points out, one of these wee
Hexapuffs looks like it could be a character/monster of some sort (google eyes not included).


On of my current life problems is that I’m knitting too many things at once, and I feel the surmounting pressure of the wool in my wool basket waiting to be used (imagine ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen playing in the background at this point). I’m very much a product knitter, and I like to FINISH things, not continually start them. I’m just itching to have something completed so as to wear it…and yes, maybe even show it off a bit. On the needles now, I have the following:


One Lace Blouse...


One Lightweight Jumper...



One pair of Fair Isle-ish mittens...


The mittens are out of my favorite knitty magazine of the moment: Jane Austen Knits. I am very interested…what would Jane do??

And finally, not forgetting the bloody hexapuffs!

Mount Hexapuff


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