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Guest Post by Jessica James: Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day: a day in which everyone raises their glass to the Irish and their lovely culture. For some (or many), it is just an excuse to have a beer with breakfast. Back in the day, St. Patrick’s Day was strictly a religious holiday in Ireland, revolving around the church.

Once those dang Americans got their grubby mitts on it, it became a drinking holiday. Alright, you found me out. Yes, it is true; I love this holiday and all its wonders: beer, rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold.

I don’t know if this is a ‘thing’ on this side of the Atlantic, but for me, not wearing green on St. Pat’s Day means you were at risk of being pinched; usually unpleasantly on the upper arm. My little sister was particularly brutal, and it was necessary for me to take necessary measures of protection (I’m well aware how ridiculous this sounds). So in preparation I would wear green pyjamas to bed the night before so as to wake up with no fear of being pinched. This was not a problem, as I’ve always been quite fond of the colour. Unfortunately, my sister would sometimes blatantly ignore my green pj’s and pinch me in spite. In that situation, an individual is entitled to pinch backs, which I administered liberally. I don’t think I will need to prepare in this way any longer. Unless that is, my flatmates want to make up for the absence of my sister. Fingers crossed for a NO on that matter.

For last year’s holiday, I was just not in the mood. I give myself an A for effort though. I did make it to the pub for a couple ciders. But then I just wanted to go snuggle up in my scrubs with a bit of non-alcoholic related junk food. This year, I think I’m just trying to make up for my previous lack of enthusiasm. EVERYTHING is happening on this particular Saturday night, and I had much trouble deciding what should be done. Prioritization is essential. This is a rather ambitious year, trying to do two cities in one night; Glasgow and dear Edi. There is a not-to-be missed gig in Glasgow; Summer Camp is playing. They have a nice surfer sort of sound, perfect to get you in the mood for the upcoming season. Then back to Edinburgh for The Green Door, as is referenced in a previous blog entry. If all goes to plan, it should be quite an eventful and exciting evening.

And more importantly, what to wear?? Too bad I didn’t plan further, otherwise I could have found myself one of these… Is the background of butterflies included?


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