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Sassy Bearcat of the Week: Robyn

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As you no doubt know that although The Jazz live off a meaty diet of rock n roll and electro, there are times when we like to abandon the pure lifestyle and stuff our faces/ears full off cheesy junk food pop. That doesn’t mean we aren’t still discerning, Robyn is a pop artist but her songs are definitely way better than normal radio fodder. And her style is off the hook, it is so not pop! Her style is brilliant mix of vintage 90s pieces and contemporary designers. She clearly dresses for herself not for what she thinks her audience wants (underwear if you go by what every other pop darling is wearing) which is a very The Jazz thing to do. That is why Robyn is this week’s style icon. Do check out her sometimes stylist Decida’s blog it’s trés trés cool. On to the looks…

Ps. Flat forms rock!


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