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All Sixes 22/02/2012 – Webcomic Spesh!

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This week we’re indulging one half of the Jazz’s passion for Webcomics; specially picked so you can dip in and out at your leisure. None of the boring long running story comics here… (Ok, I don’t mean that, I love all comics equally. Don’t hate me long winded comics; you make the most beautiful graphic novels…)

1. Ah… There’s very little this poor T Rex can do…

2. The old classic; a little cyanide and happiness always does the trick…

3. A little old-fashioned humour from Wondermark.

4.One for the nerdy among you; XKCD

5.Beautifully illustrated, understated, ponderous, dry humoured Bunny comics, anyone?

6.Real photo comic, A Softer World Now that’s a novelty. And it’s also quite sweet.


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