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Guest Blog by Jessica James; Twistin’ The Night Away!

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Themed club nights; I’m a big fan. They give the appearance of being just a bit more special than your average night out. They’re also an excuse to put forth some effort and dress up. But really, do I need an excuse?? No, not really. This is my second time attending THE GREEN DOOR in Edinburgh. The name brings to mind The Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, with that strange little fellow guarding the door. Bouncers sure have changed. In fact, this club has nothing to do with Oz and has a bit more kick to it.

So, where have you been tonight, love?

Posters of skeleton swing dancers adorn the walls; red table clothes drape the tables with a loverly bowl of vintage sweets as the centerpiece. After the customary trip to the toilet for lipstick reapplication (I was sporting a sassy pink), we order drinks and have a seat around the bowl of drumsticks and sweeties. It feels a bit like a school dance (in a good way), where the boys and girls should be on opposite sides of the room, to later intermingle on the dance floor. The place is still pretty empty (it was way cheaper to get in early), so we sit back and enjoy the music while I keep my eyes peeled for a potential swing-dance partner. I’m not that good, but I know a few moves… I used to practice with my cousin in my garage. I know, I’m such a square.

The music was fantastic!! 50’s, 60’s, Doo Wop, Surf and Rock n Roll. I belong in this scene, and I’m chompin’ at the bit to get the dance floor started. They have all the amazing tunes, EXCEPT Tina Turner. My flat mate requested to have the legendary lady played with no success. I’ve recently re-watched What’s Love Got to Do With It, and my devotion to this fine firecracker of a woman is freshly renewed. But giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the DJs were unaware of her magnificence. Power in persistence, I’ll try again next time.

One thing I truly appreciate is seeing everyone’s effort to look the part. Loads of gals are in polka dotted, full-skirted dresses. My flat mate opted for the bad girl look: leather bomber jacket with a high ponytail, completed by a cigarette behind the ear. Oh the options! Many of the gents were in braces and slicked back hair, and I may have even seen a bowtie Frugging around.

Now onto what I was wearing; a dress, of course. This is nothing particularly out of the norm. In fact, my Mom says, so fond of dresses am I, that I refused to wear trousers until I was 9 years old. And even then, I eased myself in with a skort (remember those?! Yuck.). Now back to my outfit choice, I picked this little number up at a charity shop when it looked like an 80’s mess: full-length skirt, long sleeves, giant shoulder pads, splashed with orange, aqua and purple and a matching belt. I altered it into a short-sleeved, knee length charm. With the help of a pink crinoline underneath to aid with dancing swish action, it looks proper 1950’s. BAM!! Hemming a full skirt is rather tedious without a sewing machine. But my dancing frock was worth every stitch.


One thought on “Guest Blog by Jessica James; Twistin’ The Night Away!

  1. “said the joint was a rockin’-goin round and round– yeah reelin and a rockin’-to that crazy sound– said the joint was a rockin’-goin’ round and round–“

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