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Song For Sunday 09/01/2012

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The new year always makes one look back with some nostalgia at the year gone by, and then the years before that, and the subsequent years before THAT before one is left pondering in great emotional depth the effects of that illustrious potion you made aged 7 on your dog, and how only if your young self had been wise enough to keep things that contain both peanut butter and bubble bath away from his delicate stomach, as well as your toy box away from his retching mouth… Well, you might still own your awesome hair crimpers, or Power Ranger toy, or giant dummy/pacifier lollipop, or Mr Stretch, or adidas poppers, or any other 90s iconic possession that you revered so much…

Ah the 90s, when girls walked around with no bras on, and their fringes looked equally bad. When I reminisce about the 90s (a decade of which my perception is skewed, given that I was merely a tot in those years) I like to bathe in my most favourite piece of 90s nostalgia; I would like to share this with you all. Watch out for the Daisy Steiner bunches look… And the bad fringes… Euuch…

You’re welcome…


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