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All Sixes: 05/01/12 – Geek Special

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Image from here.

It’s All Sixes time, cowgirls and cowboys! You know the drill.

Below, is The Jazz’s pick of the 6 blogs or websites we think are hitting it on all sixes this week. Today is an all GEEK special! One of The Jazz is a major geek, we won’t say which one but you can probably guess. These sites are firing on all six cylinders and definitely performing at 100% brilliance! Check them out…..

1. 2012 is the year of code. Learn at your own pace with these interactive tutorials.

2. Can you kern it!

3. Ain’t nothing more geeky than comics.

4. Oh wait what about Anime.

5. Men. Learn how to dress Geek Chic or should that just be stylishly.

6. Women. Some Geek Chic looks for you. Just don’t tell Jessica your glasses aren’t prescription….



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