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Sneak Peek Pantheon Project…

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Yeah, alright, clam yer gobs all you lot; we know we’ve been tardy of late. We know we’ve been making promises to share with all our Jazz fans details of when the new shop is to be launched, only to then not pipe up again for weeks… But heeey, it was Chrissstmaaaas!

Now that we’ve used our get out of jail free card (only valid at the beginning of the year…) we wanted to appease those who might be a little miffed from our recent lack of communication with a little sneak peek at the glorious editorial shots Laura McKinnon produced for us. These gorgeous shots are only a delectable nibble of the gorgeous biscuit that will be our Pantheon Project campaign shoot when we fully share it with you. But of course one can only share a biscuit once it is baked to perfection, so stay tuned and we promise (for realz this time) that soon all our baking will be complete, and lordy, what a tea party we shall have!
Hmm, I may have squeezed that metaphor for all it was worth; please excuse my crumby writing (Oh ho ho…) and feast your eyes upon these gorgeous bad boys…

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One thought on “Sneak Peek Pantheon Project…

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