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All Sixes: 29/12/11- Hogmanay SPECIAL

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From A Pair & A Spare

Hiya! How the devil are all you lovely folk? What fun festivities have you been up to?

So we’re back! We could bore you to death with the ins and outs of our time away, but why would we do that when we have lots of awesome internet treats to share with ya.

Hogmanay is the Scottish name for New Year’s Eve festivities. There are lot of strange traditions involved with Hogmanay to do with coal, cleaning and visiting houses. It usually boils down to everyone getting together with their favourite people for a good ol’ knees up. For night owls like The Jazz it is our ultimate party-time. With only two sleeps to go. Today, is an All Sixes Hogmanay special!

1. Are you wondering like us what is the most stylish way to disguise your Christmas food baby (or should that be food twins) on Hogmanay? A Pair & A Spare has all the diy tips. Bed-sheet at the ready!

2. Don’t we all want eyes that scream P-A-R-T-Y

3. If you ain’t making home-made cocktails on Hogmanay then you just aren’t part of our gang! Have your pick of our tried and tested recipes: Gin & Grapefruit or Jazz Hole. Oh I thought we had more online, this will be rectified soon. Do send us your own punch concoctions.

4. No doubt on the night we’ll be hearing a lot of this kinda nonsense from drunk girls.

5. For good times. Play this lady on a loop…

6. Get yourself in the clubbing mood with our favourite episode of the comedy classic Spaced.

How are you planning on bringing in the new year?


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