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Gin In Teacups 04/12/11

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The Jazz are pee-pantedly excited to remind all you Jazz fans we’re venturing out into the cold this Sunday with oodles of fresh vintage goodies under our arm for y’all to take a peek at. Get yourself some Christmas Shopping off your mind early for once! We certainly intend to…

In the fab central location of Chambre 69, nestled beside American Apparel on Nelson Mandella place, Gin In Teacups is opening up their doors to both us and you lucky shoppers! We’ll let their own fine words explain their vision further…

‘Think camden lock in a punked up bygone era, a mini scuzzy berlin
tascheles, a parisian vintage flea market, Gin offers the best of Glagows,
arts/crafts/fashion and more vintage regalia than you can shake a stick
at. 25 stalls from independent sellers offering a diverse range of
clothing, records, cakes, gifts, jewellery,hand printed t-shirts, a
psychedlic shopping experience for those craving ‘not on the high street’
style with a cheap as chips price tag.

The day is accompanied by a blend of vintage inspired garage, punk and
psyched out tunes from guest Djs and a live performer each time, from hip
hop dancers, to songwriters, from comedians to harmonica players, a
carnival of the best underground talent Glasgow has to offer.

The venue offers 2 for 1 on the freshly made gourmet burgers which start
at a mere £6.50 with vegetarian options and the famous ‘catfish burger’.
The well stocked bar will be open all day also, we recommend the slush
puppy cocktail.

This Sunday, 3rd December.

The market your mother warned you about….’

And the best part? There’s a BAR. Ho yeah. Jazz out.


One thought on “Gin In Teacups 04/12/11

  1. A Bar! Anyone would think The Jazz has a lil problem with the sauce :) V!

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