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Guest Post by Hannah: Strange Dressing Inspiration

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It may have something to do with this ridiculous weather (it’s too hot! it’s too cold! rainbows! sunburn!…) and my inabilty/ supreme laziness to bother checking a weather report, but in recent days all I have wanted to do is layer. My penchant for peculiar jumpers has been slowly increasing as the temperature drops and this week has finally allowed me to wonder outside looking a few pounds heavier than I am in a cocoon of fabric. I gave in and purchased that disgusting/gorgeous angora knit jumper that I had been lusting/loathing after for the entire  heatwave that randomly hit Britain. I say randomly, a tiny part of me wants to suggest global warming…Today as I shivered on climbing out of bed and felt the need for a porridge breakfast, I realised I would be able to wear it and keep it on without sweating profusely. Bleurghhh.

Half way through the day I caught sight of myself in the reflection of one of the few clean windows my school has to offer. And I suddenly realised I had subconsciously come dressed as my childhood alter ego. Velma from Scooby Doo.

Whilst not technically wearing a bright roll neck top or knee high socks, I was wearing a very ‘Velma’ outfit. Perhaps what Velma would wear if Daphne was not around and she didn’t have to wear a mini skirt to also prove that she was an attractive female.
Of course you may look at the pictures and say ‘But Hannah resembles Velma very little! If anything she looks more like a cross between Drew Barrymore in E.T. and a middle aged man’ and in most cases I would agree with you. However today I had to spend 5 hours completing a mind numbing amount of documents and referencing a bibliography to minute detail. To see the small print on my computer screen I was forced to wear my glasses. my thick, dark rimmed square glasses. Or Velma specs. As soon as I noticed this I pulled my hair back into a bun, not wanting be seen with my fringed bob and glasses for fear I would have looked as though I was headed for a fancy dress party. Luckily this new look had me mistaken for a teacher twice as opposed to an old school cartoon character.

It is strange how easily I, and no doubt a great number of other people can find myself dressing like one of my secret heroines. A friend of mine the other day rolled into school dressed like Britney in her infamous ‘Baby one more time’ video, knee high socks, short skirt, loose shirt et all – without direct intention. I may have to keep a closer watch on the media I subject myself to. Don’t want to find myself accidentally arriving somewhere dressed like Catwoman. Speaking of cats, I decided with my hair tied back and my tired, smudged make up’d face that I could probably now pass for Velma’s weird cat loving, school teacher of an Aunt. Hence the photo of me with my pride and joy Bertie.

All in all, watch out ladies – or you may find yourself wandering around town dressed like your secret style inspiration. Fine if it’s Beyonce but otherwise – beware!

Don’t forget to check out Hannah’s Tumblr, A Land of a Thousand Dances.


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