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Sassy Bearcat of the Week: Susie Bubble

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The past few weeks, The Jazz & Guest Blogger Hannah have been all over cult classic films for dressing inspiration; The Warriors, Barbarella and Grease. From dirty hippies, 70s futuristic plastic accessories to skintight leather ensembles we’ve been lapping it up like crazy style-deprived kittens.

This week we’ve gone in the complete opposite direction and our gonna doff our feather brimmed hat (how on trend) to Susie Bubble, aka Susie Lau. She is pretty much considered a blogging-superstar. The Jazz have been loyal readers of her blog, Style Bubble for many moons. Her blog is a delightful mix of fashion, style, travel and self-deprecating humour. And as you can see from the images, her style is off the charts! The way she mixes colour, pattern, texture, layers and proportions is sort of worth studying. Behold, a modern day style icon!

All images from Style Bubble, except top one from The Guardian


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