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Sassy Bearcat of the Week: Barbarella

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There is nothing The Jazz love more than to riff on a theme. Last month we looked to the awesome futuristic adventure movie The Warriors for their gritty urban-wear inspiration. This week we’re inspired by another cult classic, Barbarella! Oh the futuristic retro-ness of the 60’s. How we love thee!

Jane Fonda’s character, Barbarella, travels through space in a fur lined spaceship trying to capture the evil Doctor Durand Durand. To be honest the plot is secondary to the kitsch cinematography and visual treat that is Barbarella’s costumes. Although on the finer details of quite how to incorporate her skimpy outfits into your own wardrobe we don’t really know. Perhaps pulling out anything you own with leather, metal work, plastic or fur details and wearing them unashamedly with a leotard and knee high boots. Actually that might be a bit too Lady Gaga for us. Send us a photo if you manage to avoid that sartorial pitfall haha. How about making these cool metallic two-tone DIY shoes from Love Aesthetics….



How would you sassy bearcats incorporate a lil’ 60’s futuristic-retro into your wardrobe?


One thought on “Sassy Bearcat of the Week: Barbarella

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