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Guest Blogger; Hannah – Dapper Gents

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The Beatles. How I adore them. How other millions of people also adore them.

Everyone has their favourite Beatle, whether it was John for his crazy ways and NHS Specs, or Paul for his aloof smile and puppy dog eyes, or Ringo…. for whatever reason people like Ringo. (I kid, I kid.) But for me the greatest Beatle is without a doubt (Sitar equivalent of a drumroll please…)
George Harrison. *sigh* Beautiful, Intelligent, Musically Wonderous, Gorgeous, Style Maverick Harrison.
Being such a fan girl of Harrison I often find myself accidently rocking a George-inspired outfit, though maybe not quite as fabulously radical as paisley, bell bottoms and an afghan coat -but we will see what the future holds for my wardrobe.

Something that I have noticed about my personal favourite man from times gone by, is how much of a fashion chameleon he was. In some ways I think the sartorial appeal of Harrison may be similar to the appeal of barbie to my younger self; there’s a George Harrison outfit for every occasion. Dare to doubt me? Let me elucidate…

Outfit One – Funeral George

He’s all dressed up and ready to mourn. He may also be ready to smoke malboro lights and drink black coffee whilst discussing Rimbaud, that’s just how funeral George rolls.

Outfit Two – Weekend George

It’s simple cashmere sweater and smart trouser time. Here he is playing guitar, but this outfit makes him fully prepared for brunch in a nearby cafe, a leisurley stroll through Regent’s Park or a Scrabble tournament.
Outfit Three – Cinema George

Off to see a movie in 3D? Feareth not! This George comes complete with his own pair of groovy three dimensional spectacles!* Elton John thought he had it going on in the snazzy glasses department, but he aint got nothing on Harrison. Heck, he’s even giving Lennon a run for his money!
(*Ok, so they are technically not 3D glasses, but we can totally assume that George could have gotten his hands on a pair in the sixties…)

Whooaaa! Pushing the fashion boundaries! This edition of George will give you a run for your money in the crazy outfit stakes – and win. Hands down. Every time. It should not work, but it does – it so does. Note: This George is limited edition, later versions of George fail miserably when trying to pull off double denim. Most notably eighties George.

Outfit Five – D.I.Y George

May also be known as William Morris wallpaper George, or Sound of Music curtain outfit George. Either way you can be assured that if times get hard, this man can rework every day household objects into flamboyant fineries and still look smoking.

and finally…

Ultimate test of hetrosexuality George

It’s the classic Sergeant Pepper look. Yes, they may all be wearing their silk military style suits with suitable aplomb but have the others really got anything on George?! Look at that stance! He knows he’s rocking a salmon pink silk suit and there’s the cheeky thumbs up to prove it. Ringo? Fuschia? Nice try…

Hetrosexuality test George shows that once in a while, a man comes along and proves that it is possible to remain masculine in a tight, satin, salmon pink suit.

And there we have it. Perfection itself. Now excuse me, I’m off to ebay me a pair of lime green flares a la Saville Row gig George…

Hannah x


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