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Guest Blog By Hannah: Film Inspiration

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Every once in a while I get around to watching one of those arty, cool films that sits on my floor waiting for me to feel pretentious enough to pop it in the DVD player instead of watching Bridget Jones for the millionth time. And every once in a while one of these films inspires how I want to dress for… as long as it takes for me to find a new source of inspiration, which is often only a few hours.

Last week, in between panicking about how much work I had to do and not doing any of the work I was panicking about, I decided to sit down and watch Empire Records. Undoubtedly readers of the Jazz Emporium will be familiar with said film, and can feel free to scoff about how late I am in coming across such a classic movie. Though on the one hand I hated it for making me wish I worked in a super cool twenty-four hour record store, spending my day grooving to some good ole sixties vinyl as opposed to what I actually do (serve old ladies Werther’s Originals) it was pretty damn awesome. So awesome in fact that it has rekindled my love for a fluffy knit jumper – thanks to Liv Tyler.

Though the nineties is not an era I often bother looking to for sartorial inspiration, perhaps because I am a nineties baby myself and it’s a bit too new for my liking, I did find myself liking the outfits on show. Clumpy, masculine boots? check. Mini skirts? check. As Aforementioned fluffy knit jumpers? Check, check check. Of course I won’t be wearing mine cropped like Liv – firstly because it is autumn but mainly because there is no way on Earth I am exposing my midriff. But for those of you more confident (tanned, and toned) than I am – why not give it a go?  I myself will be dressing like a cross between AJ with his cosy knit cardigans and awkward nineties haircut (when my fringe doesn’t sit right, we have the same curtain style going on) and Gina’s leather mini skirt.

Minus the brown lipstick though. Because we all know that one is best left in the past.

Check this awesome editorial for a taste of the nineties at it’s finest


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