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All Sixes – 09/09/11

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Welcome back to All Sixes folks…


1. Don’t EVER Underestimate the Black Eyed Peas… Paaaaid.

2. Reddit – for serious time wasters only. Actually, serious time wasters AVOID this site, this is procrastination central.

3. 1860s Joke Book – When rough, crude, modern humour gets you down…

4. Some more animal fashion? – Honestly, we don’t have a fetish for dressing up animals in The Jazz Emporium. Happy coincidences…

5. Posh Hip Hop – Reminiscent of the Chap Olympiad, for sure.

6. Ciggarettes are cool – Of course, they’re really not. But who is ever going to deny that they don’t look cool? Especially in this format.



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