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Blogger Award? Shucks, yah shouldn’t have…

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A wee while ago we were given a versitile blogger award from the lovely Claire from That in Black Ink.
We see that part of receiving the award is to give 7 facts about outselves before passing it on t0 other worthy bloggers, so here goes…


Seven COMPLETELY TRUE Facts About The Jazz Emporium

1. Janine wasn’t born in the original sense; in the late 80s she crafted herself from the mice-chewed remnants of old christmas jumpers & cordorouy bell bottoms that lay stagnent in the attic. They had been abandoned there since ‘Vanfest ’72’, where Mr Bothwell experienced an intensely bad trip after choking on some mouldy button mushrooms. After stitching on mice droppings as substitute freckles, she crawled down the stairs to greet her host family, who pulled out a chair as form of greeting, and plonked some porridge in front of her. Sticks to yer ribs.
2. Veronique too, had a less-than ordinary introduction into this world. Mrs. Lapeyre, not many years after proudly bearing and doting on a little boy, left him unsupervised in the living room with a mug of tetley’s and her best abstract, luminous shell suit she liked to wear when she nipped down the shops. To this day, no-one knows quite how it happened, but when she came back in the room in time for countdown she found her son peering quizically at a wailing baby girl, swaddled in tea-soaked shell pants…
3.  When we initially started the company, it was listed under two different company names. ‘Your Clothes Suck’ and ‘We Dress Much Better Than YOU’. However, lack of sales and some helpful friends led us to making the right entrepenerial choice, and The Jazz Emporium it has been ever since.
4. Veronique has a severe allergy to Superdry t-shirts. And jackets. And jeans. Any thing Superdry makes her come out in hives, basically. Janine carries a inner twitch and suffers temporary shock blindness when she views an unneccesary number emblazoned across an ill fitting t-shirt, or the pocket of some baggy jeans.
6. Both Veronique & Janine suffer from a rare condition that induces nausea (often with actual vomiting), sinus pain and temple vein throbbing; Uggaversionitus. So, please, be sensitive in the footwear you choose to wear in their presence.
7. At their perfect Jazz Emporium banquet, Janine & Veronique’s perfect invitees are thus:

  • kreayshawn;  for  the novelty factor alone.
  • Kip from Napolean Dynamite; as it would necessitate the need to create a  cyber conversation, and there’s nothing the jazz love more than a cyber conversation
  • The balding crow who lives on Veronique’s roof (whose ballsy nature would really bring some controversy to the event)
  • The yellow M&M, cos he just seems like a nice, tasty looking dude.
  • Matt Ridley; Janine’s intellectual crush.
  • Oliver Burke, to get a insight into ourselves and our other dinner guest choices… What do they MEAN?
  • Pneumonia White – just to get a glimpse behind the mystery…



And the bloggers we think deserve to have the award passed on to are…


pneumonia white

pneumonia black

style pantry


K.john LaSoul

Love Aethestics


Maya Beus

Stop It Right Now

Constant Work In Progress


Daily Super Power


Beauty Bombshells

The Man Repeller


That’s all, yo. Do you agree with our choices?


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