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All Sixes 02/09/11

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We got some hot blogs in this week’s All Sixes, so get yer peepers peeled for a readin’…

1. Beauty Bombshells – A real cute blog for all your vintage inspired beauty needs!

2. Pinterest – Chuck away that dusty corkboard, this is the new way to collect images you love.

3.  Or So I Feel  – The wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell…

4. Style Pantry Tumblr – The Jazz LOVE this lady and her style. An everyday style icon, fo sho.

5. Svelte Magazine – Very cool local magazine focusing on art, design & fashion. Check it OUT.

6. 100 Years of East London Style In 100 Seconds – A brilliantly executed little video – both in editing, style, historical accuracy – and it even has a sense of humour! Hell, this one is getting put directly on the page… :)


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