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Dapper Gents of The Week: The Warriors

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One half of The Jazz has a cemented obsession with the film, The Warriors, and this week she wanted share the delights of the costumes with all you jazz fans…

This classic gang warfare movie is less about the fighting than it is about the image; the garments each of the opposing gangs – The Warriors & The Baseball Furies – choose to wear. A large element of identity in gang culture rests on making a statement with clothes, and their self created uniform not only bonds them as one, but allows them to express their aggression & attitude to the outside world without uttering a single word.

Not that we condone using your wardrobe to emulate such violence, obviously;  but see it as a demonstration of how powerful the statement is that the cloth on your back can make.


The Warrior's sworn enemies, The Baseball Furies



The uniforms of the warriors may seem kitsch and overdone by today’s standards, but in the context of 1970s New York, the capital notorious for being awash with crime, it would have appeared altogether more threatening. During the city’s nadir, a flash of denim tucked into work boots alone on a late night, downtown subway would often be a terrifying glimpse of the undercurrent of criminality seething through the city. Amazing to think how far denim has come since then; from the pratical cuteness of wrapping kids up in dungerees to the unflattering the arses of middle aged ladies everywhere…

The 1970s too was the dawn of leather as a high fashion statement; mostly worn by women, but it crawled its way into the wardrobes of ‘bad ass’ guys everywhere after Marlon Brando brought it to the fashion fold in ‘The Wild One’ in 1955.


So even though they may appear a little comedic by today’s standards, contextually these costumes are equivalent of today’s one colour tracksuits compimented by burburry caps, and unarguably iconic (as well as ultimately more attractive…) And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a leather waistcoat & an Indian head dress accessory? It’s just the male version of what all the hipsters were wearing this festival season, albeit with less fringing…


Incidently, Rockstar Games have recently made a game based on The Warriors; you know it’s a classic when there’s a game made of it! You know, like Shrek, Toy Story, Harry Potter… Am I giving away my gaming ability here? Damn.


Psst… if you DO want one of those leather vests, you can get one here… No judgement on this blog. Buy a couple for us too while you’re at it.


One thought on “Dapper Gents of The Week: The Warriors

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