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Our Favourite Season…


The skies are getting cloudy, there’s a tiny chill in the air and all of a sudden your reaching for that slightly heavier jacket than before. Yep, that’s right it’s official summer has almost ended. It’s nearly AUTUMN! Regardless of what the fashion mags are saying. Autumn always means layers, fur, and leather. ALWAYS. Can’t wait to share with all you lovely folk our new A/W 11/12 pieces. Soon, we promise. Until then, here’s one of our favourite shots from this time last year….

ps. Sorry for the caps, The Jazz is feeling shouty.


2 thoughts on “Our Favourite Season…

  1. That sheepskin coat is gorgeous. I’d be waaay more excited about autumn arriving if we’d actually had a summer. I definitely need some heat but there’s no money for holiday. Bring on the layers and leather indeed…
    p.s. Amanda from the Poppies and ice-cream sent me a blogger award which I’ve passed on to the Jazz here:

  2. Yeah… Scotland sadly masquerades in the idea of a summer, without the sun actually coming out… at ANY POINT! Still, we like fur & leather enough to not begrudge our fair country too much…
    Claire, you are a sweetie pie, and we are honoured!! That quote must be one of the most complimentary things we’ve read; consider yourself jazz fan numero uno. ;)

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