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Guest Post by Anneleen: Define ‘Vintage’…

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So what exactly counts as ‘vintage’ these days, anyway? Jarvis Cocker, the clothes-recycling, reluctant fashion icon, reckons it’s just a posher way of saying ‘second hand’… In some ways, I suppose he has a point!

Whatever you want to call ‘old clothes’, various fashion mags seem to be swaying towards the trend to deem anything older than last season ‘vintage’… Which does raise various thorny questions about whether such attitudes contribute to the culture of throwaway fashion, or promote recycling and encourage the idea of ‘investment buys’.

But that is an issue for another post; in the spirit of re-visiting seasons (only just) past, this post looks back to the Elle fashion show in London Fashion Weekend, Sep 2009.

As usual,  I got a bit snap-happy!

Glamorous though these designs were, they were all a bit, well – black and white… Don’t get me wrong, monochrome can be a great look, but it brought me joy when the Manish Arora section of the show started and things got a whole lot more colourful… and well, a little bit crazy! Crab sandwich anyone?!


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