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Sassy Bearcat of The Week: Kate Bush



The enigmatic, mysterious Kate Bush… The first woman to reach a number one spot in the charts with a self-penned song; the first rock performer to use a crudely fashioned head-set microphone in her (only) tour; The Tour of Life in 1979, given her insistence that she must dance and sing simultaneously. Her costume changes per performance notched an impressive 17 each night!

She was a mere 11 years old when she sat down in her creative family’s farmhouse, taught herself piano, and began experimenting with song writing. She was only 19 when she claimed that number one spot, forwarding female artists everywhere with the demonstration that there was more to ladies in the music industry than just a pretty face & a sweet voice. When she released her first album, it was filled with songs that began their life when she was 13…

High achiever pretty young, eh?


After encountering pressure from her record company to release her second album, Lionheart earlier than she wished, she set up her own publishing company; Kate Bush Music, and her own management company, Novercia. Claiming control over what was rightfully hers, she appointed members of her family as board members, and lived life on her terms again… And has ever since.

Kate Bush has her own take on life; evident through her experimental style of music, and her experimental approach to clothes; like Bowie & Prince, clothes are a means to express… To express and add emphasis to her sound, to channel characters, to create atmosphere, or just to create a thing of beauty. Which isn’t hard considering what a massive BABE she is – just check her in the last photo; still fit at 50…







Fit at 50.


3 thoughts on “Sassy Bearcat of The Week: Kate Bush

  1. Lovely jobs.

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