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All Sixes: 12/08/11

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Taking a day off fashion related resources on All Sixes today; but I think these beauties will suffice any cravings you have for style…

1. How to Trick People Into Thinking You Are Goodlooking – An oldie but a goodie; perfect advice for any time you feel like dressing like a skank. (PS. I love you Jenna Marbles…)

2. The Daily Mash – A one stop spot for all your daily news needs; told the way it should be.

3. The Daily Super Power – The home of all the super powers that never quite made it into mainstream comic books.

4.Geocaching – Global treasure hunting ain’t just for Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, you know!

5. Core77 – If you’re into architecture and industrial design, Core77 is one of the best resource web pages around.

6. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich – Little more explanation is needed; you have to see it for yourself to truly appreciate it…


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