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All Sixes: 05/08/11

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Courtesy of Bobbin Bicycles...

August already! By gum, how in hell did that happen? Ho hum, guess we better start planning for Christmas soon…

Let’s have a little distraction clicking to take our minds of this terrifying thought… Incidently there’s plenty of shopping sites this week; guess you better forward plan & get in on some early present buying in the process! Ugh…


1. Etsy – If you haven’t surfed this particular part of the web yet, you haven’t lived; this is the ebay equivalent for creatives to list & sell their wares, this is exactly the place to get a present for the person you know who has everything, and everything for yourself you ever dreamt of owning… My favourite ever finds on this beauty of a site has to be the human chain necklace, and the bacon hair clips… What a combination.

2. La Magia – Jazz fans will have already read of Jazzine’s love of vintage style underthings; here’s her favourite website to buy such silky delights from; go on, treat yer bottom!

3. Bobbin Bicycles – For cycling enthusiasts, this might be the best compilation of beautiful bike wear & accessories, ever! We especially adore the ‘Hello sailor’ reflective vest, and the glorious tweed spats; who said you need to look sporty to be dressed appropriately on your bike?

4. Grooveshark – Forget spotify – live-streaming, advert free music is all present and correct on this site – with an enormous back catalogue! Although, curiously the only band I cannot find in my groovesharking days so far is Pink Floyd… Any suggestions as to why?

5. – Everything you ever needed to know about everything – and presented in an oft hilarious fashion. Why couldn’t school have been more like this website?

6. Questionable Content– A comforting, witty, dramatic, ironic & bizarre webcomic. You’re welcome.

S’all for this week! If you have any suggestions for All Sixes, submit them to, or friend us on facebook – user Jazzemporium Too- and send us a wee message with your suggestion. We wanna know where and why our jazz friends spend so much time on the internet! Surfs up.


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