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Dapper Gent of the Week: Syd Barrett

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Please excuse the day late posting, jazz fans. Times have been busy!

I must admit when it occurred to me that Syd Barrett was a perfect Jazz Style Icon, I didn’t expect to be so bathed in nostalgia whilst putting together the post…

Aged 16, I considered this gent to be the single hottest human who graced this planet with his bare feet and open head; his inner diamond sheen flickering out from his kohl rimmed eyes, and hiding in the messy mop perched atop his head.

Jazz Trivia : That’s me in the background! Got quite a nice arse, if I say so myself…

As many young, impressionable music hungry kids, I was sucked into the allure of Syd Barrett – the excesses of his LSD ridden career, the raw talent that echoed throughout his albums outwith Pink Floyd, and the mystique of his successful fading into obscurity; Every headstrong, hormonal teen loves a challenge… Wink.

There’s something about Syd that is so retro & yet so current. He switches between full on psychadelic, frilly shirted, bell bottomed get up to simple, unfussy, grungey t-shirts. Looking at some of these photos here, it’s clear that half the modern day male population still seek to emulate his style, being so effortlessly ‘indie’ (remember when that was a big movement?? No, me neither. Bland as.).

I met a boy called Jim in Munich once, who did just that. I was 17 then, so vastly more mature than my 16 year old self (of course) yet just young enough to be star struck by his musical knowledge & effortless style. He went as far as to get the insects from the cover of one of Syd’s solo albums tattoed on his skinny little arm, and he coyly amazed me with glimpses of them throughout our deep, drunken conversations about music.

Jim, Jim… Where are you now? We miss you as the world misses Syd Barrett, who died, in obscurity, aged 60 – not that long ago indeed.

RIP You crazy diamond.


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