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Guest Post by Anneleen: Nayane Fashion Show

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This week I took a step down the catwalk – to show all you jazz fans a photographic insight into Nayane; an Edinburgh based fashion label set up by Dorota Alimowska and Ferial Puren. They create entirely unique pieces and part of the ethos of the company is to marry fashion with sustainability and social conscience. This was demonstrated at the recent Eco Fashion show they staged in June, with a range of restructured and upcycled clothes on show and all profits from the event going to the Footprints children’s home in Africa.

Their next fashion shows will take place at The Granary on The Shore in Leith on Friday 5th and Saturday 13th August, from 8pm and will be followed by live music. See here for more details on this stylish & admirable company!


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