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A Personal Note from Jazzine: Vintage Undies

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After viewing this video (thanks for sharing it on your page, Laura!) I was reminded of just how fantastic vintage lingerie is.

In my mind, there is little sexier than the buxom & womanly figure retro lingerie creates, and modern day knickers are a paltry comparison. (Apart from, perhaps, Agent Provocateur, who manage to bridge the gap. Probably because the pure expense of them necessitates a positive feeling when wearing them. Like drinking a £100 bottle of champs; you gotta enjoy it or the misery of the wasted cash will haunt you for far longer than the bubbles will float merrily about in your head.)

I remember a time when it was incredibly hard to find retro lingerie, and at that time, I worshipped the incredibly sexy brand What Katie Did.

It’s now a very well respected & loved line; being photographed everywhere from in Vogue to The Mirror – on stars from Rihanna to Gwyneth Paltrow (boke for the latter). Perhaps that may be because there are few places to purchase yourself a quality bullet bra, or maybe it’s just making evident the high quality nature of the products What Katie Did sell.

Pow pow!

So, basically, thanks to What Katie Did, and what they actually did themselves (making retro lingerie mainstream) we all now have access to such beauties ourselves! Yessssssss….

The problem is though, is that of retro swimwear – it’s still incredibly hard to find affordable vintage or vintage inspired swimwear, despite the overwhelming trend towards it. From them being present all over the high street last year, they seem to have fizzled out now, and the vintage equivalents I track on ebay sell for an absolute bomb!


Like this...


Why, may I ask? WHY? Not everyone wants to strut about in a bikini that looks identical to, or even more inappropriate than underwear! Why are we forced to choose from a ‘sensible’ swimsuit or a g-string monstrosity?

Considering I’m jetting off on holiday soon, this dilemma has been playing on my mind a great deal…Bring back high waisted 70s bikinis!! AFFORDABLE ones! Can anyone find a high waisted gem for less than £50? If so, direct me to it in the comment box below & you’ll be considered a bonafide Jazz diamond.

-Jazzine out


One thought on “A Personal Note from Jazzine: Vintage Undies

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