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All Sixes: 21/07/11

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Image from Pneumonia White.

It’s All Sixes time, ladies and gentlemen! By now hopefully you’ll know the drill. Below, is The Jazz’s pick of the 6 blogs or websites we think are hitting it on all sixes this week. They are firing on all six cylinders and definitely performing at 100% brilliance! Check them out and spread your internet love….

1. Pneumonia White: Don’t be put off by the hype, this current blog du jour beautifully pairs fashion photography with an intriguing written world.

2. The Hour: Set aside all your Mad Men comparisons and appreciate this on it’s own merits. This brand new BBC drama set in 1950’s has got off to a thrilling start and the costumes are note-worthy too. The Jazz would love a trench as dashing as Bel’s.

3. Style Like U: Ever seen a stylish person on the street and wished you could take a peek into their wardrobes, well with this awesome website you kinda can. Today, our favourite is Mateo Bijoux! Damn, that boy has style!

4. Nowness: Daily doses of modern culture; from fashion to art, gastronomy to entertainment, travel to technology.

5. Cloak & Swagger: The Jazz had the pleasure of meeting the talented cats behind this awesome online magazine. Definitely one to bookmark.

6. Check Cosmetics: Worry about what you’re putting on your skin? Use this clever website to discover if your make-up has hit its expiry date.


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