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A Personal Note From Jazzine: Animal Fashion Fails

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Recently, this gorgeous specimen has come to stay with me…

Fluffy wuffy

When such visions of beauty are in my presence, I tend to transform from a usually articulate, sometimes entertaining, independent young woman into a gibbering, slavering, needy wreck. I’ve been following this beauty around my flat for four days now, aching with heart break when he ignores me in favour of sticking his head out the window to ride on the high of the outside world (he’s a house cat, you see, innocent and coddled) and weeping with joy when he chooses to stretch out all over my lap, proffering his belly for rubs.

In between grooming, petting, feeding & cooing like an idiot when he miaows in my direction, I got to thinking… Wouldn’t he look even MORE gorgeous if his fluffy wuffy chuffy wuffy self was wrapped up in an equally fluffy peach angora cardigan?? Or a funny pair of Victorian knickerbockers? Or perhaps just a miniature raspberry beret a la Prince?

After a moment of bliss contemplating these images in my (admittedly lessened in sense) mind, I reached this conclusion…

No. He would not. He is an animal, and at that, an animal with a particularly fluffy (wuffy wuffy) coat that provides him with all he needs for protection. Especially considering he’s a house cat, it would be even more inappropriate, as there wouldn’t even be the excuse of equipping him for the elements to fall back on! What elements are there to combat in a life spent 24/7 indoors? Slight shower drizzle when he follows you into the bathroom?Being caught in the wafts of an electric fan? The shock of touching a cold radiator?

God, it would be as inappropriate as giving a baby a snug, cosy wig!

Actually, scrap that comparison - this is probably one of the best inventions I've ever seen...

Having reasoned with myself just what a bad idea dressing animals in clothes is, I decided to share with you some of the delights I came across in my shopping for fluffy Darcy – uh, validating my negative opinion searches.

Let’s see these cats first; all the way from the Algonquin Cat Fashion Show 2010… Lucky us…

Perfecting the 'Cat at Rest' Look

Is that a baby toupee? That is not being used according to the stipulated guidlines...

And now these bad boys…

Rocking Kitty Autumn/Winter 2011

High Fashion Cats... United Bamboo's approach.

Could I tempt you with some pups?

Right that’s enough.

… Alright, one more…

And this…

Yeaah, alright, so maybe I love it… Shurrup.


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