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Guest Post by Anneleen: Interview with Emily Chandler

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Sunday sees the return of the fabulous Magpie Market craft and vintage fair to The Hub. The range and quality of locally made craft, re-worked and vintage clothing is unmissable for Edinburgh fashionistas on the lookout for something a little bit different. When The Jazz Emporium do visit the bonnie capital they can be found at this amazing market.

I had a chat with Emily Chandler the founder and organiser of Magpie Market, and creator of the charming lostintheforest jewellery range. We discussed how she’s developed Magpie’s treasure trove of stalls, her own artistic background, and what will be on offer at tomorrow’s fair:

Q: What led you to starting up Magpie?

When the Lighthouse in Glasgow closed and their fair was cancelled I had loads of stock and no Christmas fairs lined up, so I thought I’d put one on myself! I found The LOT, walked in and booked the space! There was a really good response to the first fair, with loads of follow-up enquiries. The rest, as they say, is history!

Q: How long have you been running Magpie Markets, and how have they developed in that time?

Magpie will be two years old this December! We’ve constantly changed from conception, going up and down in scale and really trying to figure out what works best. The LOT, Magpie’s previous home, unfortunately closed in January. It was a massive shame as they were doing lots of great crafty (and other) things, but it made me re-think what we were doing and take stock. The Hub is a fabulous venue, it’s right in the middle of The Royal Mile and the space is massive, so we’ve had to expand  just a little to fill it! This Sunday we have over 40 stalls with around 50 designers/makers & vintage sellers.

Q: What is it that makes Magpie Market special?
People always comment on the varied selection and high quality of products on offer, I hand pick the vendors from the applications to make sure there’s a good overall standard, a cohesive selection and that nobody is competing with each other. I hope that there’s a little something for everyone.

Every fair is unique as the stall holders are different each time – although of course there are some repeat sellers we just couldn’t do without!

Q: What do you look for in prospective stall holders?
Uniqueness, lovely products, and lovely people. Oh, and the ability to follow application instructions & submit good photos! It’s hard looking through hundreds of applications and selecting just a small proportion to have a stall. Dark/blurry photos and hard to find information put you to the bottom of the pile I’m afraid.

Q: What do you most enjoy about running Magpie Market?
I love to find new talent and provide a platform for them to show people what they do. I’m passionate about craft and vintage and like to persuade as many people as possible to like it too! It’s such a shame that 99.9% of visitors to Edinburgh go down Princes Street and The Royal Mile and are bombarded with imported synthetic tartan blankets, rather than seeing the amazing local talent that’s on offer. It’s satisfying seeing people squeal with joy when they find something they love.

Q: You are also a creative type yourself – tell us a bit about your jewellery range and artistic background.

Like most crafty people I’ve been making things forever. Throughout university I made clothes & jewellery (it was all very rockabilly – lots of pencil skirts, swing dresses, anchors & polkadots) which I sold on Ebay, at craft fairs and gigs. I took a year out where I worked in a fabric shop where I learned a lot about sewing from the wonderful ladies that worked there. After uni I moved back to my parents’ house, where I had no room for sewing on a grand scale so concentrated on making jewellery. My style changed a lot, influenced by the work I was doing for my degree (childhood, families, fairy tales, the uncanny).

Apart from this Sunday at Magpie, where you can grab a bargain or two, there’s currently nowhere you can buy my work, however from next month you should be able to buy my new collections from my online shop.

Q: Any highlights of the July Market we shouldn’t miss out on?

We’re bringing a social crafting element in with Granny Green’s which should be great! They’ll be teaching people how to knit, crochet & stitch and generally having a good time. For the vendors, we have some fabulous stalls lined up! Oh, and get there early to get a free goody bag full of treats!

The goody bags last time were jam-packed full of precious bits and pieces, so I’ll definitely be making an early appearance! Also – a bit of last-minute news – the fair will be finishing at 5pm, rather than running 11am-4pm as advertised on earlier publicity, giving a whole extra hour of crafting, cake, great tunes and unique shopping.

 Anneleen x


All photographs by Anneleen Lindsay

p.s. Apologies for the funny spacing, wordpress is being one annoying bunny today – The Jazz


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