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All Sixes: 09/07/11

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Image from Guerrisms

Apologies for not posting this earlier, The Jazz really have been super into making clothing tags this week! Anyway better late than never, eh? Well here is this week’s All Sixes! Whoo hoo! So every week we offer up 6 links to blogs or websites we think hit it on all sixes. They’re firing on all six cylinders! Performing at 100% awesome!!! These are the blogs and websites we’re loving this time around…

1. Fuck Yeah Pretty Nails: The name says it all, all the nail inspiration a gal could need

2. Hyperbole and a Half: Somehow The Jazz’s childhood memories just weren’t as double-over-with-laughter funny as Allie’s. This amazing story is about a small child’s insatiable need for CAKE!

3. Guerrisms: Guerre presents great street style pics coupled with stylish tips for everyone to live by. In this post four writers have created a piece inspired by one style shot.

4. Redemptio: It’s youth culture, innit!

5. Adventure Time: The best kid’s cartoon we’ve seen in a long long time.

6.Maya: Currently, loving this lass’ fashion illustrations.

Oh and we forgot to ask, what are your personal fashion fails?


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