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Sun Salute

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I hope you’ve all gloried in the sun this weekend jazz fans. It’s troubles us that after two days of such fabulous weather so many of you will have been crammed indoors today, wafting thick leafed reports feebly at the beads of sweat sliding down foreheads (ruining a beautifully styled block fringe in the process; and rendering the wearer with an uncanny resemblance to Spike from 911) whilst protesting at the ineffectual air conditioner. If there’s one thing Americans have down to a tee it’s air conditioning. The rusty machinery of our British air conditioners would be lucky to match the wind power of an infant child coughing…

So, what we suggest is to harness the power of your mind; make the most of that stuffy, humid air surrounding your desk and transport yourself miles away to North Carolina… Dangle your bare feet from a rusty porch swing, chug back screw top beers that nestle in an ice box sitting along side you and open your ears to swing in time to another beauty of civilised America; easy going bluegrass.

We’ve provided some here to get your fantasy started…

PS. And the trick to relieving that sweaty, separated fringe syndrome is by ducking your head beneath the bathroom hand dryer for a few seconds – miracle worker; honest!


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