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Call To Arms!

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Below is our call to arms for fearless vintage dressing as detailed in our editorial introduction to URBANITE, our sassy Spring Summer Lookbook!

In the beautifully filthy surroundings of the crumbling St Peter’s Seminary, The Jazz Emporium debut their Spring Summer 2011 Collection URBANITE.

URBANITE sneaks sophistication into the grungy atmosphere, much like the well dressed city slicker leaves a reek of glamour behind them as they sashay down littered pavements. The Jazz desire this editorial to be a visual voice for their attitude towards vintage; unapologetic, strong, elegant and sexy!

Inspired by the recent Danny Boyle theatre production; Frankenstein, URBANITE is a sartorial representation of how past cultural concerns are still relevant today. Playing on the idea that gothic stories are relevant thematically and still entertaining to a modern audience, The Jazz portray their belief that vintage is incredibly relevant to modern fashion, and not just in the stereotypical period pin-up style (think victory rolls & 50s silhouettes) that has been stamped upon the market. In URBANITE, vintage is not in the vein of the stuffy New Sheridan Club. It is more suitable for seekingenvious glares as you stroll past a hot mess mash up, than merging floral prints with that Azalea bush at that novelty garden tea party. Past and present merge in a euphonic collision that eats away at these stereotypes. For the sassy bearcats androgyny flirts with femininity through the sheer high neck shirts and jumpsuits, bell bottomed (quite literally) suits and stiff maxi dresses. Menswear too plays with gender constraints, mixing mature 60s suits and faux fur.

Mixing things up is at the core of The Jazz’s ideal for their market. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Combine strong pieces in a way that YOU like, pick out clothes that YOU want and not those you think others will like. Do not be dictated to by trends or conventions. Find your own style identity and celebrate your uniqueness with The Jazz Emporium, as all our vintage pieces are a one-off. Go fearless!


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